Connect with your audiences.

We work in partnership with you to define and deliver your success.

Leidar is an international advocacy, branding and communications consultancy that helps clients set their course, navigate and communicate effectively.

  • Set your course

    A clear destination defines the journey towards business success. Leidar is the Norse name for the North Star; with a bright North Star, we work closely with you to navigate confidently and to create engaging communications.

  • Navigate

    A strong brand story, distinctive design and thought leadership drive engagement and create competitive advantage. We help our clients steer toward their destination, avoid trouble spots, and stay on course for success.

  • Communicate

    Articulating your story is key to building stakeholder relationships. Using the right channels, you will communicate your messages to the audiences you want to reach, creating lasting engagement and successful outcomes.


Leidar is a full-service international advocacy, branding and communications consultancy that can deliver both on local and global levels. In particular, we have a unique capability to deliver seamlessly across major areas of influence in the UK and Europe.

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  • Oslo
  • London
  • Geneva
  • Brussels