Bloom Network – Empowering women to achieve their potential

Madelyn Postman
March 20, 2018

One of the big topics in today’s society is gender equality. Current news and social media feeds are constantly full of features about gender pay gaps, gender equality issues, diversity and #Metoo / #Ustoo campaigns. While these continue to be talked about at length internationally across all industries, it is clear that there’s still some way to go for women in the communications industry too.

Bloom is a professional network for women in communications focused on three pillars: inclusivity, collaboration and individual development. Bloom exists to help create a communications industry in which everyone can achieve their potential – men and women. In the UK, women make up more than half of junior agency staff, but this drops to 30% in leadership roles, and only 11.5% of creative directors are female.

Their mission is to support, empower and enable women to future proof their careers. With over 60 female members from a broad spectrum of roles, levels and companies, they run an annual programme of events and activities that not only provide the empowerment to women that they strive to deliver, but also raise money for their charity partner, Women’s Aid. It is important to add that Bloom do not only address topics of a gender focus but of ethnicity, sexuality and class.

Bloom’s annual programme is focussed on breaking down industry taboos that stop women from achieving their potential. Within their programme lies a diverse mix of events to help inspire, enable and support their members. These include their mentoring programme to support newcomers to the industry, a host of networking events including quarterly panels, monthly meet ups, summer and Christmas celebrations, BloomFest, skill sharing workshops and fundraising events. The events are not women-only or member-only: Bloom purposefully invite people from beyond their membership, including men, to participate in thought leadership events.

Their mentoring programme is designed to use the wealth of experience within the network and pass it on to the next generation of women in the industry. Every new member must commit to mentor a younger female rising star of the industry as part of the scheme. You can read some of their amazing success stories here.

There is only one opportunity per year to apply to join Bloom, which has just passed, and I was delighted to be invited to become a member. As a Bloom member, I have committed to three things:

1. To mentor a younger female rising star of the industry as part of the scheme

2. To attend one of the flagship events per year

3. To support one of the organisational teams in some capacity

You can sign up to be kept up-to-date on all of Bloom’s news, including next year’s application process here. Maybe we’ll see you at one of the upcoming events!