Brand and Company Naming: Process and Pitfalls

Madelyn Postman
May 4, 2018

Come join us on the evening of Monday, May 21st at our office in Marylebone for a behind-the-scenes look at naming your brand or company. Get in touch if you would like a free ticket, or if you really want to pay, you can do so on EventBrite.

Whether you are naming — or renaming — a company, brand, service or product, there is a tried and true process to follow, and pitfalls to avoid.

We would like to share with you the insights about name creation which we have gained over the past two decades, working with dozens of clients internationally in various sectors.

From Leidar and Nucleus IP you will learn about:
• Whether to rename: pros and cons
• Different types of names and what each can accomplish
• How to find routes for brainstorming names
• How to narrow down brainstorming results
• How to research the names to see which ones are available to use
• The importance of trademarking and how to ensure that your new name is protected

6-6:30pm – Arrival with nibbles and drinks
6:30-8pm – Presentations
8-8:30pm – Q&A
8:30-9pm – More nibbles, drinks and networking