Reputation Management Services

In today’s digital era, every business needs to understand and influence how it is perceived both online and offline. Reputation management services, as provided by Leidar from our London offices, allow organisations to monitor and proactively influence relevant media coverage, reviews, search engine results, blog articles and social media posts together with any other areas where the company has made a digital footprint.

For most organisations, most of the time, reputation management services emphasise the positive, providing media relations and social media management to gain coverage that generates an image reflecting corporate and brand values as determined through communications strategy.

When there is negative coverage, we assist in providing a professional response which minimises the impact of poor publicity and maintains an overall positive image. Where necessary we work with search engines, social media websites and blog sites to remove unreasonable negative coverage.

Crisis Management Services

Sometimes reputations can be damaged to the point where the threat is business critical. If your organisation is currently in that situation and you do not have a crisis management plan in place, or need assistance implementing it… call Leidar now!

Pro-actively, we provide a full crisis management service on an international basis if required. This service foresees possible predicaments and prepares your senior management in advance with a crisis handbook, workshops and training, so you can be confident that your company and brand is fully prepared and ready to turn mountains into molehills!

Leidar London is a division of an international communications consultancy, so we can help your organisation manage its reputation in the UK, across Europe and beyond. To find out more, simply email or ring +44 20 7524 7550.