Social Media and Public Relations Agency

In the modern digital world, social media and public relations need to be fully integrated. At Leidar London we bring your strategic communications under one roof, ensuring consistent messaging and tone-of-voice, helping to build your brand, revenues and profits. All your target audiences perceive a consistent brand identity, whatever and wherever the touch-point.

The benefits of an integrated social media and public relations agency are tangible. While the precise messaging is tailored to the specific target markets, the overall brand position is coherent, reliable and trustworthy. While the messaging for your consumer engagements and press relations are not identical, your target journalists most probably read your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds — and if they don’t, they should be! Excitement, engagement and understanding are easier to build with integrated messaging across all platforms. And should you ever require crisis management services, your social media management needs to be 100% in tune with your media relations.

Integration is not just about your UK social and public relations. As a division of an international communications consultancy, Leidar can handle your communications and brand messaging across Europe and beyond.

So if you’re looking to maximise the impact of your communications strategy then get in touch with Leidar at or +44 20 7524 7550.