Carlson Wagonlit

Telling the story behind the data.

Challenge: Research and write a series of industry-leading annual reports for a leading corporate travel management company. Coin a new style for these traditionally number-heavy reports by telling stories around the data and framing it within wider industry trends.

Solution: The most important element of building a story around the data was our ability to gather insights from all of CWT’s relevant subject matter experts. We conducted a series of interviews to unlock CWT’s thought leadership across an array of subjects. By creating an overarching, cohesive narrative, we were able to weave in a wide range of opinions gathered during those interviews while creating a report that flowed naturally from start to finish.

Results: More accessible, engaging style of reporting that promotes CWT’s thought leadership and supports its sales teams with existing and prospective customers.

You can see the reports here and here.

“I would like to thank you for your help with this publication! It will be greatly used in our digital communications and more importantly by our client facing teams to initiate strategic conversations with our customers and prospects. Again, thank you all your contribution!”

– Philippe Gryc, Senior Director Global Marketing, Carlson Wagonlit