Collinson Group

Developing a structure and strategy for established customer specialists

Founded in 1989, Collinson Group has grown around 20% every year, organically and through acquisitions. Covering the disparate sectors of loyalty, travel enhancement, and insurance, the Group had four divisions: Priority Travel Group, Collinson Insurance Group, Origo Marketing Group for internal creative services and Collinson Latitude for technology, platforms and content. Through acquisition, assistance was becoming a fourth major offering. The lack of group strategy meant there was a confusing corporate structure and no ‘golden thread’ to unite the group.

Collinson Group engaged Leidar to redefine its positioning and brand strategy to strengthen its global standing. We created a new name for the assistance division — Intana — and clearly defined the relationship between the mother brand and its subsidiaries, highlighting strengths and expertise. Throughout the process, we worked closely with the board of directors to put the group in a good position for continued rapid growth. In order to involve people representing the Group’s various audiences, we conducted interviews with stakeholders and clients of the companies.

The outcome is a successful restructuring of the group, with a clearer understanding of what they are offering and which parts of the company become stronger when teaming up to make comprehensive offers to new clients.

At time of brief: Privately owned global organisation with more than 25 years’ experience, 28 offices operating in 20 countries, 1170 employees, managing over 13 million end consumers.

Project undertaken by Grain previous to the merger with Leidar in February, 2018.