IMA Europe and Safe Silica

Communicating a shared industry position on Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS)

IMA Europe is an umbrella organisation which brings together a number of European associations specific to individual minerals. Together, IMA Europe’s associations represent over 500 organisations in 28 countries.

Silica is one of the minerals represented by IMA Europe. It has been known for many years that prolonged inhalation of Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) may cause a specific type of lung damage called silicosis.

In 2017 the Advisory Committee on Safety and Health at Work (ACSH) issued an amended Directive 2004/37/EC on Carcinogens and Mutagens at the workplace.

Leidar has been working with IMA Europe and its member companies since 2017 to develop a shared industry position on Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS), and associated communications materials for use by IMA Europe members when talking about the issue.

The project kicked off with a messaging workshop held at IMA Europe’s offices in Brussels, attended by representatives of IMA Europe member companies. The Leidar team developed the messaging architecture, including three core themes, and messages for each theme. This unfolded into the issue narrative and communications pack as well as the campaign name, Safe Silica, and associated identity.

During the next phase of the project, we built on the messaging and developed a website for Safe Silica to ensure that the industry messaging is available to a broad audience through an open channel. For this WordPress site, we created a comprehensive user manual and website training for IMA Europe employees.

Leidar wrote and designed a white paper in English and in German outlining all the facts on the issue, featuring the industry position backed up with stories from IMA Europe members. The design deliverables included a suite of engaging and informative graphics and illustrations to enhance and support the communications.