Infinite Alpha

Naming, visual identity and brand communications for a cryptocurrency ecosystem

Infinite Alpha is an intelligent cryptocurrency trading ecosystem that empowers professional investors to generate new Alpha. It is building the next generation of crypto-asset financial markets, including the first full-service, AI-infused crypto-asset trading ecosystem for professional investors. It fills the gap in the professional market, allowing investors to integrate crypto-assets into their existing traditional portfolios while maintaining the security, transparency and compliance fit for a blockchain and digital asset era.

We developed the name and created a premium visual identity that differentiates the brand from others in the market place. The three-dimensional icon communicates both the infinity symbol and the alpha symbol. It is clean and authoritative, reflecting a strong balance of rich red and confident black and is set with a modern but classic typeface. A decadent red foil is used through printed material to add an additional layer of elegance and texture.

For the launch phase we designed and built an engaging, bespoke WordPress website that communicates the core messaging, and houses an interactive client access area. We also produced marketing collateral, including the pitch deck, white paper, summary documents and branded stationery to engage with their customers.