Spence Diamonds

Bespoke packaging design for jewellery

Spence Diamonds has created beautiful diamond jewellery since 1978. They have seven stores in Canada and are expanding into the US with three new stores in 2017. Spence does diamonds differently. It is exploring innovative technology to use man-made diamonds for their jewellery. This new way of creating diamonds has enormous benefits for affordability whilst ensuring that the diamonds are always ethically sourced.

Our challenge was to create a more luxurious presentation for Spence Diamonds which would better reflect the retail environment of their newly designed stores in the US. We wanted to translate the new, modern design language into a design concept that combines the classic feel of the diamond jewellery with the unique and modern retail experience that Spence presents.

We successfully created a unique gift box design in five sizes, with matching packer, pouches and carrier bag. A clever design accommodates the curved gift box in a real leather outer with a brown anodised aluminium clasp. The interior jewellery holder pad is made from a soft microfibre which mimics natural suede, making the gift box worthy to house an engagement ring.

Project undertaken by Grain previous to its merger with Leidar in February, 2018.